20/20 Vision


In case your annual optometry exam leaves you craving a few more opportunities to bat your eyelashes, invite these lovely eye exam commodities over.  Go ahead – stare.

Clockwise from top left: The Eye Chart Pillow by Heather Lins Home is a charming mold of organic hemp.  If you prefer your pillows with a third dimension, don’t miss this Heather Lins Home creation (and yes, the pillow comes with 3-D glasses).  The Eye Chart Bubble Bath by Tokyo Milk is described as a “dead sexy” scent – if only my eye doctor conjured up dead sexy scents.  The Eye Exam Chart by Gemini Studio is hand made by layering antique paper and newsprint for vintage appeal.  If actual Vintage Eye Charts allure your attention, these spiral bound wonders by David Met Nicole are an essential coffee table embellishment.